The NYCIFF~Foundation a 501 C (3) Non-for-Profit organization is looking for funds through TAX-Deduction Donations to help us to promote good causes in the world via Documentaries, Seminars, Conventions and meeting in the USA and around the world.

Creating awareness of Conservation and the important role Hunting has in the wildlife Conservation; if were Not for Hunting wilderness areas across the world would not exist today. It’s imperative for us to carry this task with the participation of Hunters, Ecologists Journalists and You, the public, which your support is paramount to reach our message

NYCIFF~Foundation with the support of NEW WORLD CINEMAS,  A Film Distribution company, to present and support  SERGEY YASTRZHEMBSKIY from YASTREBFILM, from Russia, to create consciousness of the importance of Wildlife Conservation through a series of Conventions, Seminars and Educational films.

Cable and Television networks and countries around the World.

Participation at celebrates film Markets as CANNES FILM FESTIVAL, MIPCOM, EFM (Berlinale) Tiff  & Russia