New World Cinemas Distribution, (NWC) principal activities are in the areas of sales, distribution, development, film production, financing, marketing of entertainment with particular emphasis on feature films, TV & Digital rights exploitation throughout the world.



New World Cinemas offers a range of services within the entertainment industry from limited theatrical releases, Worldwide Distribution
(we acquire and sell International film rights). We offer limited theatrical release, TV and VOD

We mainly specialize in Narrative, Action, Horror movies, Documentary and Animated Films.

We have built up a fast growing and recognisable brand at all major motion picture and television festivals and markets worldwide, including Cannes, VeniceFilm Festival, AFM, EFM, Berlinale, The Sundance Film Festival, Toronto, MIPCOM and MIPTV.


* Minimum Guarantees against worldwide sales rights
* Access to equity and structured funds globally
* Co production and executive production
* All Rights USA Distribution from major Theatrical releases to day and date digital releases.
* Cash flow tax credit rebates, distribution agreements and any other forms of collateral
* Source content from leading producers and agents worldwide
* Help package projects as executive producers both creatively and financially
* Film and television sales and licensing worldwide to independent distributors and major studios
* Creation of international and domestic marketing campaigns
* Royalty reports and overages collection by territory to maximise revenues
* P&A control by territory
* Access to film festivals e.g. Cannes, Toronto and Berlin, Venice,
* Digital distribution worldwide


      Film Must have a recognizable Celebrity.

We offer Marketing Research for Films:

* Focus Groups
* Promotion
* Merchandise
* Advertising & Sales.
* Your Film will be offer to all the Buyers and Distributors & Major TV   Cable in USA,
* (HBO – CINEMAX – Starz – NETFLIX – HULU, etc.,)

New Films Production 2018/19 ONLY with good production Value and known celebrities.
* NWC is looking for International Co–Production.
* 3D Animated Films.
* Films - TV Shows in Development with known celebrity ONLY
* Good Script by a Writers Guild member


 Our Goal is to get the best deals your film deserves.

Email us to discuss your project

NWC Films wants to give the best exposure for your film at Cannes. You’re film will be represented by a US distribution company that has international connections. NWC Films will act on your film’s behalf as a Sales Agent at our booth (Marche Du Film) in Cannes. Our main goal is to sell your film for distribution. Advantages of working with us and paying the designated fee include:

NWC guarantee’s exposure for your film in all areas including; Theatrical, Non-Theatrical, Home Video, DVD, Cable Television, Satellite Television, Broadcast Television, Pay-Per-View, Video-On-Demand, Electronic-Sell-Through, and Internet Streaming Rights.
We will showcase your trailer(s) along with others continuously to promote, distribute, buy, and sell feature/short films to major distributors listed. Our booth will be your exclusive destination and selling point to distributors and producers from around the world to get your film noticed and sold.

We will include your film in our brochure that will be given to all major distributors at the Cannes Film Festival for the showcasing of talented filmmakers.

Your film will be on display during the festival for 10 days.

Distributors will be able to see the film in our booth or we can arrange a private theatrical screening for distributors at an extra cost.

Your chances of distribution will be larger if you’re film is represented by a company with connections
Organizing a trip to Cannes for filmmakers’ is expensive (plus money for accommodation) NWC gives filmmakers the opportunity to share the costs–which is a great deal.
NWC gives you the option of paying the fee  upfront or in two installments of half & half.
We will keep in constant contact with you when opportunities arise for the distribution of your film.

You are welcome to come to Cannes and use our booth as part of your business destination! We look forward to working with your film.