In Nomine Satan TRAILER


Except Italy




RUNNING TIME: 96 minutes



Inspired by a true story, the film begins with the arrest of a boy and a girl (Antonio and Elena) both in shock and stoned by a mix of drugs and alcohol.
The two guys are admitted to hospital where they both confess the murder of their friend Angela.
A brutal murder and devoid of logic that will lead investigators to suspect that the two killers were not alone. Investigators soon discover a reality completely unknown to them: that of Satanism.
The BBC said about the true story of the ‘beasts of Satan’: ‘the most shocking story ever occurred in Italy after the War.’




“Despite being a debut film, the director is absolutely ready, from every point of view: technical, stylistic and narrative. Cerman’s work is of great value both narrative and aesthetic. ‘In Nomine Satan’ is a punch in the gut you will not forget!”


“The directorial debut of Emanuele Cerman recounts one of the most shocking criminal cases in Italian history.  His main interest is in re-telling the story which, far from being the final word, casts doubt and concern over the tale.”


“The film succeeds, through a series of flashbacks, to build the viewer’s anxiety frame by frame. The film, mainly shot from the shoulder, creates the feel of a documentary, and the flickering images amplify discomfort. The violence of history, which could all too easily be shown by means of strong images, aims to be purely psychological: the atrocities are only suggested, and it is the imagination of the viewer that recreates the violence. Because violence, even before the gestures, is in the thoughts of these young people. Instead of direct and obvious accusation against their actions, Cerman prefers a plurality of points of view that destabilizes anyone who wants to set himself up as judge of all the characters.”


“The film has the advantage of dealing with the issues without resorting to blood-splattering violence. It chooses instead to emphasize the psychological manipulation and symbolic scenes such as those of the dances on the bodies of children killed and their parents forced into a multi-year silence over the disappearance of their children.”


Emanuele Cerquiglini (born in Rome 9 July 1976) known professionaly as Emanuele Cerman, is an Italian filmmaker.

Over the years, he worked in theatre, film and television wearing many hats including those of writer, director, editor, actor, independent producer and screenwriter.

In ’97 he shared the stage of Ettore Scola’s theatre company, where he grew artistically performing for 6 years as leading actor in several shows.

He then joined an experimental theatre group and worked with the writings of poets such as Giorgio Manganelli and Dario Bellezza, where the director was often Agostino Marfella.

In 2005 he directed the stage drama “dei tradimenti e dei demoni”.

Since ’99 Cerman has worked in independent film, playing in movies directed by Ivan Zuccon, such as Bad Brains, The Shunned House and recently Wrath of the Crows.

In 2000 he debuted as actor on Ettore Scola’s movie “Concorrenza Sleale” where for the first time he experienced the magnitude of an international set.

In television he worked with Sergio Martino (“Mozart è un assassino”), Jacob Shauffelen (“Donna Roma”), Giulio Base (“Don matteo”) and Stefano Sollima (“Romanzo Criminale”).

As a director he directed all the episodes of the show “Decanter i diari del gusto”, first on Rai Sat, then on Gambero Rosso channel.

He is a writer, producer, director and editor of various shorts films, receiving many awards and honorable nominations such as “Il fascino discreto della parola” adapted from a play by Maurizio Costanzo (short winner in 2012 for the special award Culturart Commission at the Author’s Short SIAE).

In 2012 Cerman wrote the film “cronaca di un assurdo normale” directed by Stefano Calvagna.

His most notable achievement to date is his first movie “In Nomine Satan” which he wrote, directed, produced and edited. This movie has been officially selected from RIFF, then received the award for “best editing” at the 4th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival-14 in India.

After the success at Cannes where the film earned accolades, the film received 6 nominations at the NYCIFF and won “best drama based on true events.” The film also received 2 awards at the Madrid International Film Festival for best lead actor and best original screenplay.

Cerman is part of both associations Anac and Cendic and he is one of the founders of “Indicinema Italia”.