Was released IN THEATERS OCTOBER 25th, 2013 in New York & Brooklyn.

This film was successfully released in 5 movie theaters  all around the NY area. Thanks to our distribution, this filmed was submitted to the prestigious SPIRIT awards.

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Official Opening at Regal Union Square, October 27, 2013


Ambassador of Egypt, Ahmed Farouk, speaks about Radical Islam





Steve Emerson and Rachel Milton’s documentary purports to expose the secret violent aims of such Islamist organizations as the Muslim Brotherhood.

Resembling the anti-Communist, red-baiting films of the 1950s, Jihad in America: The Grand Deception effectively sums up its intentions with its title. This documentary co-directed by Rachel Milton and Steve Emerson (the latter is the executive director of the organization Investigative Project on Terrorism) is a broad indictment of Islam, seemingly implicating every person of that faith as a potential violent jihadist determined to destroy America. While it sometimes makes its polemicist arguments in scarily convincing fashion, its relentlessly broad strokes ultimately undermine its persuasiveness.

The film focuses on the Muslim Brotherhood, founded in 1928 and very much in the news in the last year due to its temporary rule of the Egyptian government. Using interviews with numerous scholars, former FBI agents and Muslim leaders, it examines the influence of the organization in numerous countries, but especially the United States. It also takes special aim at CAIR, or the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which is basically described as a propaganda outfit before which the American government, media organizations and even Hollywood studios cower, and the Muslim Student Associations, a controversial umbrella organization of student groups in campuses throughout the country.

The film’s primary tool is the extensive use of audio and visual excerpts of numerous incendiary speeches by Islamist figures that are indeed eye-opening. It also makes canny use of such footage as congressional testimony by Attorney General Eric Holder in which he steadfastly refuses to use the term “radical Islam” despite incessant prodding.

Tracing the links between the Muslim Brotherhood and such terrorist organizations as Hamas, the film vociferously argues that it the former is engaged in an elaborate subterfuge masking its true aims. As with most such politically themed documentaries, whether or not you buy its premise will depend largely on your preexisting attitude. But there’s no doubt that its over-the-top approach ultimately seems as manipulative as the ideology it’s condemning.

Opened Oct. 25

Production companies: New World Cinemas, SAE Production

Directors: Steve Emerson, Rachel Milton

Screenwriters: Chris Cantergiani, Steve Emerson, Rachel Milton, Mark Tapson

Executive producer: Steve Emerson

Director of photography; Paul Jacobson

Editors: Jude Leak, Martin Nelson

Not rated, 70 min.



Jihad in America: The Grand Deception is an explosive jaw-dropping documentary that will leave you speechless. This seventy minute documentary investigates and traces the roots of Islamic brotherhood within the United States and the danger it poses.  Additionally, the film sheds light on the members of these organizations who, while appearing to be moderate, support an interpretation of Islam that is at odds with democracy and human rights. Organizations that are inspired by the Muslim Brotherhood enjoy considerable influence within the United States, which is considered “The Grand Deception.”

Steven Emerson, a leading authority on Islamic extremist networks and executive director said, “I didn’t make this documentary with any goal in mind. I just want as many people as possible to see this film. Video is the new technology for storytelling… with that said, I believe that this documentary will have much more of an impact.”

Although much of the media is plagued with useless news on what is supposed to be hard news networks, Emerson made a point to say, “If you have any curiosity whatsoever about what is going on the world, and how their own security is threatened then they should see this movie…Making this movie was a risk. It’s something that is not talked about. Some people in the film even lost their jobs as a result.”

Emerson said if he could describe the film, “It’s an expose of the extremist movement in the United States that hides under the false definition of a civil rights group.”


The Grand Deception will surely will have people talking for a long time, as it dives into seemingly uncharted territory of the Islamic Brotherhood in the United States. It’s a must see documentary!



The Grand Deception raises awareness of a very serious problem plaguing America right under its citizens’ noses: the Muslim Brotherhood’s increased presence in America to spread their Islamist ideologies and push their political agendas. Have you ever wondered the difference between Islam and Islamism? Co-directors Steve Emerson and Rachel Milton help you to distinguish between the two, to realize how dangerous Islamism is and how it serves as a threat to democracy. You’re provided with background information about the inception of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928 and how it has evolved since then. Most importantly, though, through interviews with a wide variety of experts ranging from former FBI agents and a Muslim Brotherhood leader, Dr. Kamal Tawfik Helbawy, The Grand Deception shows very persuasive evidence of how the Muslim Brotherhood covertly spreads its Islamist ideology and uses the easily-manipulated mainstream media as well as politicians its tools. The Brotherhood even goes to the extent of spreading its ideology through student organizations at U.S universities. Much of this doc unfolds like a thriller, so while you’re digesting all of the easy-to-follow information, you’ll be shocked, intelligently provoked and enraged, but never bored—all with a running time of just 70 minutes. How should one go about putting an end to the Muslim Brotherhood in America? The answer to that question is a bit murky and not really explored here, but the first step toward progress is raising awareness because the mainstream media fails to do so. Fortunately, that’s where the eye-opening, searing, powerful and persuasive exposÈ The Grand Deception comes to the rescue. It’s a must-see for every American, young and old. New World Cinemas opens it at Williamsburg Cinemas and other select theaters. For a full theater listing and to buy tickets, please click here.