We have several projects in the pipeline to be develop into motion picture.
Pre-Sale agreement.




1 - TRAPPED IN THE PAST = Mystery, Thriller
An apocalyptic story of Angels and Demons fight 

2 - MIMI & TONY IN VEGAS = Comedy
When a Brooklinite Mob moves to Vegas with his Takie flamboyant girlfriend. 

3 -  COUPLES = Comedy
When couples are hving their first baby and....

4 - FASCINATION= Love Story
When you fall in love with a girl and she doesn't know how much you love her because she doenst know you..

5 - TRUST ME= Drama, Crime, Thriller
Ponzi scheme, Corruption mob

6 -  COMA= Mystery, Thriller, Surreal
A man in a Coma starts communicationg with his daugther telling his secrets...

7 - AA FOR MURDER= Crime, Drama, Thriller
A serial killer choses his victims from  Alcoholics Anonimus...