SIMPLE SANDRA – Business Plan


NWC PRODUCTIONS INC, solicits complete or partial funding in the aggregate amount of $ 2,200,000
for the production of an independent feature film entitled SIMPLE SANDRA.
The Producers will utilize all the funds raised from private investors to make a feature film in
digital format of the highest quality, and then license the film to worldwide distributors in the
theatrical, home video, and television markets. From the revenues from the exploitation of the
picture, investors will recoup their initial principal investments and a 15% return on their
investment, and then share 50% ownership in the project.
This business plan provides a low-medium-high sales projection and estimated profitability to help
potential investors evaluate the risk/return profile of this opportunity. This projection was
compiled by Nash Information Services, LLC based on a comparison with 5 comparable films
that were of similar budget, aesthetic, and audience.

The filmmakers intend to cast reputable and talented actors in the key roles. Actual casting
choices will depend upon availability of talent, interest, and negotiation with their representatives.

SIMPLE SANDRA will be shot on location in New York City. Exact location is to be decided.

The Producers are seeking a total of $2,200,000 for the production of the film. Minimum investments
will be no less than $25,000
Allocation of Profit Participation:
50% Equity Investors
50% Producers, Writer, Director, & Talent

The Equity Investors’ 50% profit participation will be allocated among investors on a pro rata basis
according to their investment.

All revenues received from the exploitation of the Picture that remain after covering the operating
expenses of the LLC (egg. taxes, accounting and legal fees) will be distributed in the following

  • i. Customary “off-the-tops” such as collection agent and sales agent fees and expenses and guild residuals.
  • ii. To lenders (and the bond company) in repayment of any loans (including financing costs, interest and bond fees)

in connection with the Picture.

  • iii. To pay any talent deferments.
  • iv. To the Equity Investors on a pro rata basis according to their investment, until an amount equal to 115% of the investment has been recouped.
  • v. All remaining amounts payable 50% to the Producers etc., and 50% to the Equity Investors on a pro rata basis according to their investment.

Furthermore, in accordance with Producers’ Guild America (PGA) guidelines, any single investor to contribute 25% or more of the film’s financing
($250,000) will be entitled to an Executive Producer credit on the film.

Revenues in the entertainment marketplace are realized through distribution of the film through
multiple outlets including theatrical, home video, DVD, Pay TV, Free TV, etc. in both the U.S. and
International markets.

Theatrical exploitation implies the booking of the film into a suitable series of theatres
managed by U.S. and foreign exhibitors, who then pay the distributor rentals of approx. 40-
50% of box-office receipts collected from ticket sales.

• Home video and DVD exploitation implies the mastering of video and DVD copies and the
release of the title into the rental and retail marketplace through rentals such as Netflix,
iTunes, Amazon, and big box retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, and Best Buy.

• Television licensing, including Pay-per-View, implies the licensing of the film product to
third-party broadcasters who pay for the rights show the feature on their network or cable