Simply Sandra

Psychological Drama
The harsh gleaming beauty of New York City presides over the surreal experience of SANDRA MAY, a young woman with an enigmatic gift, she sees into those around her; shadows of their deepest truths, both beautiful and terrible manifest before her eyes. These haunting visions leave her desperate to find equilibrium in her life and her relationships. Her vivacious best friend, TIFFANY HALL, acts as an uncertain anchor, loving and challenging her in equal measure. Her psychiatrist, DR. ARTHUR MITCHELL, is a warm but controlling man, who has his own ideas about how Sandra should cope with her affliction. Amidst it all is a mysterious STRANGER who seemingly taunts Sandra with her greatest fears. And finally the appearance of a young man, named JAMES BURTON, to whom Sandra is inexplicably drawn, precipitates a tide of events that reveals shades of a dark secret that may be the key to Sandra’s balance or destruction.


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Sir Patrick Stewart - DR. ARTHUR MITCHELL (rumored)

Rachael Logue - SANDRA MAY ( Attached)

Aron Paul - JAMES BURTON (In Talks)

Adelaide Clemens - TIFFANY HALL (Rumored)

Rutger Hauer THE STRANGER (In Talks)


Written by
John Joyner and Keith Joyner
Story by John Joyner


John Joyner